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" From our Family Farm to your Family Table" Local Pork Producers Since 1954
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About Our Farm Practices

Knapp Family Farms is a multi-generational family farm located between Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas. We have been pork producers since 1954. When we say that we strive to raise the leanest and healthiest pork in a humane and natural environment, that means a lot of outdoor space and attention to animal welfare.

Our animals are fed a diet of corn, which we grow on the farm, and locally produced soybean meal. We don’t use any growth hormones or animal by-products in our feed rations, nor do we use any routine antibiotics.

We are a farrow to finish operation, and we take animal welfare into consideration at all stages. No gestation or farrowing crates are used at Knapp Family Farms. Our sows have their piglets in individual pens which are big enough for plenty of movement. We feel that this is the most humane environment. The sows are let out twice a day while we clean the pens and check the piglets. The piglets have an area where they can lay under a heat lamp to get a little extra warmth if needed.

We also take the weather into consideration for our animals. In the winter our pigs lie in a bed of straw which we produce from our winter wheat crop. And in the summer they have access to cool water from the sprinkler system.

Knapp Family Farms uses a trusted meat packer for all of our products. We have a great relationship with our packer which is located 11 miles from the farm, which means there are no long, stressful rides for our animals.  


" From our Family Farm to your Family Table"