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" From our Family Farm to your Family Table" Local Pork Producers Since 1954
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At Knapp Family Farms we strive to raise the leanest and healthiest pork in a humane and natural environment, just as we have since 1954.


Our family has been enjoying home grown pork for many years, and we have finally decided to make our prized products available to the public.  


We are a small family of pork producers and we want our customers to feel like family as well. Please send us your comments on our contact page, on Facebook, or through email. This is also how you can request an order form. For a limited time, orders of $100.00 or more can receive free delivery within the Kansas City and Lawrence areas.


We are glad that you are considering our products, and we hope that you will bring natural home grown pork from our Family Farm to your Family Table. 


Thank you, 

The Knapp Family 

"From our Family Farm to your Family Table"